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Day 222 (August 30, 2017)

In today’s issue: Taxes Trump Harvey.

Harvey is still dumping on Texas. Death count is up. Suffering and devastation is ongoing.

What’s our president up to during these difficult times?

First, he claims to have witnessed this horror & devastation.

Although we’re well aware that he stayed far away and removed from all the horror and devastation.

Second, he’s worried about his image in the press.

The lack of ability to put things in perspective is truly remarkable. His lack of empathy is beyond apparent.

And then, he gave a speech about tax cuts. Because apparently, while people are trying to figure out where to find dry ground and the death toll climbs, he’s already moved on.

Peep the justified shade being thrown in the chryons below.

Here’s what Trump had the audacity to discuss.

And then this incredibly upsetting news broke.

For someone who is so concerned with optics, and how the media portrays him, he’s not very good at thinking these kinds of things through. I seriously want to know where his advisers are, and why they aren’t stopping him from making an even bigger idiot of himself during such trying times? It’s so insulting to the people of Texas, to those volunteering and serving those devastated by this disaster, and to all their loved ones.

While we endure this sorry excuse of a president, let’s hope the list below showing how Trump is looking “mighty powerless” grows and grows along with our resistance.

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