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Day 250 (September 27, 2017)

In today’s issue: Taxes.

Taxes can be boring. But don’t let that deter you. Because in order to fight with us, and join the resistance against Trump, you need to know the important information about the Tax Reform plan that the Trump administration announced today.

After the healthcare defeat that the administration faced yesterday, it is now time to move onto taxes. The proposal is being dubbed as the “most sweeping tax overhaul in decades.” Others, like Bernie Sanders, are using different words to describe it.

Essentially, people understood one thing, and one thing only, from this vague tax plan: let the rich, and the 1%, keep more of their money.

When asked about this, how his tax plan will benefit the rich, he denied. In doing so, he also flat out lied.

Here’s why some took to Twitter to call it the #TrumpTaxScam. Important details about the plan, and why it’s all lies, below:

And on top of these lies, this plan could cost the country an obscene amount of money! We’re talking $2.2 trillion!

All that money could go toward improving our country if it was funneled into things like the education system or health care.

But, apparently, Trump cares more about the rich. The 1%.

Talk about the irony — and the shamelessness — of Trump trying to implement tax reform before ever releasing his taxes.

Here’s Schumer’s take, throwing a little shade Donald’s way.

And an important point needs to be made. The only part of this tax reform plan that is crystal clear is how it will benefit the rich. For all those in the Trump administration who are arguing that it will help EVERYONE, we’re going to need MUCH more clarity.

Somehow, you were able to make it clear that the rich will benefit, but the poor and the middle class? That was apparently less important to clarify. In fact, it’s looking like the middle class won’t benefit at all and that low-income people will face an increase in taxes.

It’s an offensive plan for the MAJORITY of the American population. We will not support it. Better yet, we will resist.

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