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Day 269 (October 16, 2017)

In today’s issue: Fake friends.

Trump and McConnell surprised the press corps and called a meeting in the Rose Garden this afternoon.

Two important takeaways: Trump and McConnell tried to prove that they’re friends, but it’s very obvious they aren’t, and Trump is a pathological liar.

Regarding the first takeaway, this administration spends a lot of time trying to prove to the public that they’re getting along.

McConnell explicitly said that he is on the same page as the president.

But body language says otherwise.

And regarding the second takeaway, here’s all of Trump’s outrageous lies:

He re-iterated the lie that we’re the highest-taxed country in the world:

And then in a really obvious, ghastly lie, Trump says that Obama didn’t make calls to the families of dead soldiers (after he was asked why he hadn’t called the families of the soldiers killed in Niger 12 days ago):

Today’s press conference only reinforced what we understood prior:

  • The Republican party, namely Trump and McConnell, are not unified nor are they friends or close colleagues. We have a mountain of evidence that outweighs today’s failure of a press conference to suggest that McConnell and Trump differ on many fronts
  • Trump is a liar. And he relies on his lies to drive his policy positions, his actions, and his statements — feeding falsehoods to his supporters. As part of the resistance we must call him out on it, and make sure to set the record straight.

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