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Day 272 (October 19, 2017)

In today’s issue: 10/10.

In a meeting today with Puerto Rico’s governor, Trump was asked, “Between 1 and 10, how would you grade the White House response so far to the hurricane?”

His answer: 10.

Remember this?

And yet, he calls the response a 10/10.

Shall we review the current situation in Puerto Rico?

78% of the island doesn’t have power.

1 million people lack clean drinking water, and 3 million lack electricity.

In fact, some have even drank from toxic waste.

The death toll is now around 450 people.

In what world does the response constitute a 10/10?? People are suffering, and are lacking essential needs. How about making it about them? How about pretending like you care about those American citizens who’s lives got uprooted and flipped?

Trump is taking a tragic situation and making it about his legacy. Worse yet, he isn’t focusing on the facts of the matter — ignoring the stats listed above — and building his legacy on lies.

To recap, here’s Tom Namako’s twitter rant.

Essentially: We need someone to focus on the facts, and on the people. Trump doesn’t live in reality. He’s delusional. And a delusional person should not be in office.

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