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THE TRUMP DUMP: Day 152 (June 20, 2017)

In today’s issue: Health care. Health care. Health care.

WTF is going on with the GOP Senate working group drafting the health care bill in secret? With all the other breaking news coming out of Washington Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell, has been trying to lay low as he attempts to advance Trumpcare with closed-door negotiations.

McConnell’s insistence on getting the Senate to vote on the bill before the July 4th holiday, while no one outside of the 13-man working group has seen it yet, is ushering in a renewed sense of haste and worry to many on both sides of the aisle.

And the American people? Not quite fond of it either. Especially in states where a Republican Senator will have a key swing vote on the GOP health care plan: Nevada, West Virginia and Alaska.

Is anyone really surprised that the GOP is doing this in secret? When you’re trying to restructure one-sixth of America’s economy, offer a massive tax cut to the wealthy, and pass it off as a “health care” bill which will likely deprive tens of millions of Americans of health insurance, opening up the process invites scrutiny, judgement, protests.

And without public support, and the support of 50 out of the 52 GOP Senate members, this bill will not get passed.


Actually, hypocritical cowards!

Back in 2010, when Obamacare was being drafted, GOP leaders — including Mitch McConnell himself — were very vocal about the need for transparency in negotiations on health care.

Talk about a #TransformationTuesday.

Now that the tables have turned and they are in the majority, they are operating to their own liking.

They aren’t sharing the details of the bills with anyone. Not even McCain, and he’s letting the claws come out:

Ok McCain, I see you with that sarcasm. He’s obviously not a fan of being kept out-of-the-loop.

Pretty much everyone’s being kept in the dark. They’re excluding Democrats and GOP members, and notably GOP female senators from their working group, too.

But Press Secretary Sean Spicer is trying to have you believe that Democrats chose not to be part of the process.

Lies. More Spicer lies? That there will be “plenty of time” to debate the bill once it’s brought forward.

But earlier this week, it was announced that the Senate GOP will give 10 hours to debate the bill. 10 HOURS!

It takes time to review the bill, and write amendments. So yes 10 hours might be plenty of time to do some things like sleep, or eat, or watch TV — but it’s barely enough time to do anything when it comes to debating the healthcare bill.

Democratic leaders and Senators are stepping up, and have begun to #HoldTheFloor.

And just a reminder, here’s what’s at stake:

Trump said it best himself when he called the House bill “mean” and said he wants a bill “that has heart.”

What can you do? Make your voice heard. Call Republican Senators and demand they protect all Americans.

And afterwards go visit the weekend-long exhibit that Comedy Central created, dedicated to President Trump’s tweets.

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