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THE TRUMP DUMP: Day 154 (June 22, 2017)

In today’s issue: The secret everyone’s been waiting for.

If you can’t crack that riddle, the Senate Healthcare bill was released to the public today, after weeks of 13 Republicans (all white males) crafting it behind closed doors.

We’re here to tell you all you need to know. Brace yourselves, and read on to figure out if you’re fucked. SPOILER: You probably are.

Here are the major elements:

  • The bill would strip health care coverage from millions of low income Americans by rolling back the Medicaid expansion and eventually making huge cuts to the existing funding levels.
  • The bill cuts the amount of low income families who receive subsidies to afford basic insurance policies.
  • The bill will mean higher out-of-pocket medical expenses for many people with insurance because states can out out of minimum coverage requirements.
  • The bill limits the ability of insurers to provide coverage for abortions and other
  • The bill will hit older Americans especially hard, leading to costs up to 5x as much as younger Americans.
  • Planned Parenthood would face a one-year funding freeze. (OF COURSE! Because why would the 13 men who drafted the bill care about women’s rights to abortion??)

Essentially, if you’re not rich, male, young, or in perfect shape, you’re fucked.

What’s worst of all, though? The bill is also a YUGE tax cut for the rich.

Not only that, but health insurance CEOs are going to make $$$. Good for them!

Remember when Trump called the House healthcare bill “mean” and said that the Senate should craft a bill with more heart? Well, looks like the Senate working group is just as mean and heartless as the rest of ‘em.

So what’s next? A vote is planned for the end of next week, where supporters of the bill (a.k.a GOP Senators) would need a simple majority for it to pass. So far, it’s not looking too good.

Let’s hope these Republicans hold steadfast in their opposition and don’t let anything or anyone sway their opinions. With their opposition, the bill cannot be passed.

And to all those who are showing their true ignorant and vapid colors, and are praising the bill, you have this to look forward to:

Lastly, since this is the Trump Dump after all, we cannot let this go unnoticed:

NO TAPES. Lordy. So if we take his word for it, all this hoopla was for nothing.

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