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THE TRUMP DUMP: Day 155 (June 23, 2017)

In today’s issue: Russia’s election hacking.

Today’s forecast: cloudy. Washington Post published an incredible investigative report today all about the Russian election hacking, an ever darkening cloud over Trump’s presidency.

As per the report, the US has concrete intel that Russia meddled with the presidential election, sought to undermine the most sacred institution of our democracy, and weaken Democratic efforts by exposing Hillary Clinton’s emails and supporting Trump’s campaign for presidency.

After Obama and a few others were briefed about the intelligence reports finding that Russia was waging cyber warfare targeting our political system, they considered what they next moves would be. But, no concrete actions were taken — why? Republicans standing in the way.

Various ways in which Republicans blocked retaliation and public knowledge of Russian meddling highlighted below.

When Jeh Johnson tried to designate state mechanisms as “critical infrastructure” to secure the nation’s voting systems, Georgia’s Republican secretary of state, Brian Kemp, said it was an assault on state rights.

When the Obama administration wanted to tell the public that Russia meddled in the election, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell resisted and voiced skepticism that there was actually intel on the matter.

The White House seized Russian compounds that were clearly retro-fitted to contain various antennas, computers, and other gear to support their eavesdropping and espionage targeted at U.S. Intelligence agencies.

And yet, the The Trump administration is moving toward handing back these compounds BACK to Russia!

In handling the retaliation effort, Obama approved a covert action to plant cyber bombs in Russia’s infrastructure, but never deployed them. Guess who can though? POTUS number 45.

To which we say…

So when Trump asks why Dems didn’t stop the Russians and protect from further hacking happening…

…we answer: ITS ALL YOUR FAULT (and your corrupt party members). The true obstructionists to our democracy.

And the irony pointed out by Ned Price’s tweet below is just the cherry on top.

So it’s pretty clear that Russia definitely played a part in hacking the election. And yet…

Alas, the rest of us still believe that facts are facts. The intelligence that U.S. had on Russian efforts is concrete, undeniable, and the best account we have yet that Trump would put himself and him #winning over anything else — including our democracy.

And just so we don’t leave you feeling completely exasperated over the weekend with this insane recount, an opportunity to laugh at our #LiarInChief.

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