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About Us — Soulskill

We founded Soulskill to revolutionise the old-fashioned recruitment business. Our purpose is not just value creation for job seekers and employers — it is to re-shape the way recruitment happens.

The average online job post gets 128 applicants of which over 90% is irrelevant.

HR managers are fed up of sifting through and screening from 100’s of irrelevant CVs for each opening. Meanwhile, jobseekers are frustrated as they seldom get a response after completing an employment application. They choose to cast a wide net (swipe right) and then see what happens.

Soulskill eases the work for employers by presenting them only relevant and screened applicants. Our partner employers receive sets of 5 shortlisted candidates at a time.

When the soul and skill combine, expect the extraordinary

We learn jobseeker’s interests & capabilities as they complete their profile and apply for jobs. And we only match them to relevant career opportunities that are aligned with their preferences.

Soulskill aims to help talent discover their true potential so that they can realise their dreams!

Get matched to jobs that you will fall in love with
Vision: Create an ecosystem where individuals are empowered to reach their own success.
Mission: Help talented people discover and fulfil their aspirations through professional opportunities