Frequently Asked Questions

What is Soulskill?

Soulskill helps you discover your ideal career path. You are also matched to relevant job opportunities based on your profile.

What do I need to do?

Create your profile, share your preferences and instantly get matched to jobs that are relevant for you. 
For more details, see the How-to section.

Can companies see my profile without me approving?

No! Your profile is shared only after you approve the company by applying for the job opportunity.

What makes Soulskill different ?

Soulskill ensures that you get matched to jobs that you will love. We also ensure you get a response from our employers, once you apply!

We aim to help talent realise their true potential by matching them to companies where their personal growth is aligned with the company culture/ vision.

What are the main functions/positions you specialize in?

We currently focus on digital marketing and business development functions. Soulskill covers roles starting from intern-level all the way up to C-level.

What open positions do you have?

Way too many to be listed here! New roles go live every single day. 
Soulskill has an exclusive network of leading rapid-growth companies sharing their to-be-urgently-placed positions. (Partner Employers)

When can I expect first results?

On average, candidates instantly get matched to 5 job opportunities. However, as long as you are active, we will keep sending more jobs your way.

After accepting a match on Soulskill, should I be proactive or should I just wait?

You should get a response from the hiring manager within 2 weeks. You can apply for additional jobs on your dashboard in the meantime.

Do I have to pay anything?

No, Soulskill is free for candidates.

Then how do you make money?

Employers subscribe to be part of the Soulskill network and pay per shortlisted candidate set. (Subscription model)

How do I recommend a friend and what do I get in return?

Simply invite 10 friends from your dashboard or share your referral code to get upgraded to the premium tier ** — each friend’s gratitude will be your true reward! ;)

** Premium tier gives you access to more jobs at a time