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Do You Ever Feel Like You Found Your “Jam” Too Late In Life?

It’s hard to explain how I lived my life before I found what I did

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I started working at a very young age, 12 years old. I would skateboard to my cousin’s house and help with his cheesecake business. I was always money hungry as a kid. Looking back, it probably had to do with there being almost always a struggle with…




We all have events in our lives that served as our turning point that led us to where we are today. Capturing those thoughts, feelings, and experiences before, during, and after that time helps us be proud of how far we’ve come. Together, this is our story forward.

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Chris Freyler

Chris Freyler

Mistake Maker Extraordinaire .Writing from a place I don’t understand at times. I write to help myself, in return hope it helps you. Just another Quora guy.

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