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Why Not Today?

Depending on what is going on in our lives, time seems to move fast and slow.

When we are focused and in deep work, it escapes us. Conversely, when we are aware we are in a dreadful situation, time moves oh-so slow.

When we look back at our lives, it always seems like it’s during the stretch of slow time that we find most of our regrets in. Lost dreams, missed opportunities, untaken chances, unsaid words. Those…




We all have events in our lives that served as our turning point that led us to where we are today. Capturing those thoughts, feelings, and experiences before, during, and after that time helps us be proud of how far we’ve come. Together, this is our story forward.

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Sunny H

Sunny H

Individual in her journey of growth and spirituality // Looking to capture others’ stories about life in THE TURNING POINT publication

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