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Mar 23, 2017 · 7 min read


This award season the Tylt worked to engage with social communities during major pop culture moments and events. Following our ambitious that mobilized fan armies, we set out to launch our biggest set of themed pop culture stories yet—award season coverage.

Between January and March, the Tylt’s entertainment editor () and the social team (A.K.A. “Triple A”—consisting of creative lead , creative producer and social media editor ) connected with fan armies of pop music stars, actors and films, to get their opinions and votes to predict the winners in a variety of award season face offs. In November, we did our first series of award show face-offs with the America Music Awards. The AMAs allowed Tylters and pop music fan armies to predict and vote for their favorites to win the respective major genre categories.

The America Music Awards series was a step in the right direction — seeding what was to come. We took it up a notch with our series and brackets on major awards shows—Golden Globes face-off series, Grammys face-off series and then our Academy Awards brackets—giving us many takeaways on how to further engage with social communities around major entertainment events. Our coverage helped us come up with our biggest awards series yet—the iHeartRadio Awards brackets.

The Golden Globes Series:

The Golden Globes series took the top-two contenders and faced them off in a battle that would predict the winner prior to the awards ceremony. Coming off the “Best of 2016” series, this face-off series was produced days before the awards show—pushing us to jump on launching awards series in enough time prior to the ceremony. Still—we produced a successful series on much smaller scale for film awards fans to vote on.

—Results: #TeamViolaDavis won over #TeamMichelleWilliams by 64 percent in our poll, and also won the actual award.

—Results: It was a tight race, but #TeamMahershala beat #TeamDevPatel by 51 percent of the vote. Neither one actually won the Golden Globe, for his role in “Nocturnal Animals.”

—Results: #TeamChazelle won our poll and the actual Golden Globe.

—Results: #TeamEmmaStone won our poll and the actual Golden Globe over #TeamAnnetteBening.

—Results: #TeamAmyAdams beat #TeamNataliePortman in our poll, but Isabelle Huppert won the actual Golden Globe.

—Results: #TeamReynolds won our poll by 62 percent, but #TeamGosling won the actual Golden Globe.

—Results: #TeamDenzel crushed #TeamCaseyAffleck in our poll, yet Casey Affleck won the Golden Globe.

—Results: #TeamLaLaLand won our poll and the Golden Globe.

—Results: #TeamMoonlight won the poll and the Golden Globe.

The Grammy Series:

The awesomeness of pop music fan armies is no secret. During Grammys season, we wanted to elevate the voices and opinions of the fan armies who believed their favorite stars deserve to win in the respective categories these pop stars were nominated in. The Tylt launched a face-off series of the best song performances, albums and artists in the top genre categories. These face offs were chosen by a combination of popularity, impact, acclaim, rankings and/or amount sold. But ultimately with our head-to-head predictions, we wanted fans to let us know who and what deserves to win in each category prior to the Grammys on Sunday, Feb. 12, and oh boy—did they tell us (Adele’s Daydreamers, Arianators, Beliebers, Rihanna Navy, BeyHive, Sia’s Lovers, Skelton Crew, etc.)!

— Results: Daydreamers gave #TeamAdele 80 percent of the vote. An emotional Adele won Song of the Year, Record of the Year and Album of the Year.

—Results: #TeamHeathens won in our poll, but #TeamBlackstar won the actual Grammy.

—Results: 69 percent of votes went to #TeamHello and Adele’s “Hello” won the Grammy too.

—Results: In a tight race, #TeamCheapThrills won over #TeamWorkWorkWork, but Twenty One Pilots won the actual award.

—Results: #TeamPanda crushed #TeamNoProblem in our poll, but Chance the Rapper’s ‘No Problem’ won the Grammy.

—Results: Though 67 percent voted for #TeamVice over #TeamChurchBells, Maren Morris’ ‘My Church’ won the actual Grammy.

—Results: #TeamNeededMe pretty much crushed #TeamCranesInTheSky with 93.5 percent of the vote, but Solange walked away with the award in the end.

—Results: #TeamDangerousWoman beat #TeamPurpose by 63 percent. But no one could beat Adele in this category.

—Results: #TeamAnti won our debate, but #TeamLemonade won the Grammy.

—Results: #TeamColoringBook won our poll and the Grammy over #TeamViews.

— Results: #TeamRipcord won our debate by 68 percent, but #TeamASailorsGuide won the Grammy.

—Results: #TeamDeathOfABachelor crushed #TemCalifornia, but Cage the Elephant won over both bands.

The Oscars Series (Mini Brackets and Face Offs):

While we tried to maximize on how many major categories we covered and picking the right two nominees to face-off in both Golden Globes and Grammys series — we also found that it was much easier to create brackets that closely matched the amount of nominees in these categories. Enter the Oscars brackets. Of course we could only pick four out of the five nominees the Oscars polls, but picking the four top nominees is sometimes easier than predicting “the top two.” Plus, it’s more fun to give fans and social users an opportunity to predict the winners among most the nominees in the Best Actor, Best Actress and Best Picture categories.

The Tylt decided to shift its awards season coverage while the Grammy series wrapped up and launched polls on the Academy Awards. The Oscars would present two mini brackets for “Best Actor” and “Best Actress” categories and bigger bracket for “Best Picture.” Four out of the five performances in the lead acting categories faced off in both brackets.

We also ran a series of regular face-offs for the other major Oscar categories and for Oscar snubs right after the nominees were announced.


—Results: In one of our major non-face-off polls, #DeadpoolGotSnubbed won by 54 percent over #NotForOscars.

—Results: #TarajiGotSnubbed won by 54 percent over #AmyGotSnubbed.

—Results: #ReynoldsGotSnubbed beat #TomGotSnubbed by 56 percent.

Regular Face Offs:

—Results: It was a tight race this time, but #TeamMahershala lost to #TeamDevPatel. In the end, Mahershala Ali won his Oscar.

—Results #TeamViola beat the competition in the poll and by winning the Oscar. No surprise here.

—Results: Although Jenkins won our poll, Chazelle won the Oscar.

First Round Best Actor Bracket:

—Results: #TeamDenzel lost in the first round against a very mobilized #TeamGarfield fanbase.

—Results: #TeamGosling easily beat out #TeamCaseyAffleck.

First Round Best Actress Bracket:

—Results: #TeamNataliePortman crushed #TeamRuthNegga by 70 percent and went on to the final round.

—Results: #TeamEmmaStone garnered 64 percent of the vote over #TeamIsabelle.

First Round for Best Picture Bracket:

—Results: #TeamMoonlight crushed #TeamMBTSMovie in our poll.

—Results: #TeamFences went on to the second round with 59 percent of the vote over #TeamLionMovie.

—Results: #TeamHiddenFigures won over #TeamHacksawRidge by 52 percent.

—Results: #TeamLaLaLand beat #TeamArrival with 52 percent of the vote.

Second Round for Best Picture Bracket:

—Results: #TeamMoonlight crushed #TeamFences with 67 percent of the vote.

—Results: #TeamHiddenFigures beat #TeamLaLaLand with 54 percent of the vote.

Final Round for Best Picture Bracket:

—Results: #TeamMoonlight won the bracket with 76 percent of the vote in the final round, and “Moonlight” won the actual award for Best Picture. (Although, “La La Land” was the mistaken winner at first.)

Final Round for Best Actress Bracket:

—Results: #TeamEmmaStone won the poll and the Oscar!

Final Rounds for Best Actor Bracket:

—Results: #TeamGosling won the Best Actor bracket, but Casey Affleck ended up winning the Oscar. Although, he drastically lost in the first round of the bracket.

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