CEO John Hollar introduces the panel. (Via Douglas Fairbarn Photography)

A Night at the (Computer History) Museum

Last week, we headed to Mountain View, California to participate in the Revolutionaries series at the Computer History Museum. What an honor to have been included in the lineup — here’s a quick overview of what went down.

Hillary Hartley, Lisa Gelobter, and Haley Van Dyck share a laugh. :) (Via Douglas Fairbarn Photography)

We kicked off the program with a clip from the Daily Show about “guys in hoodies” who are bringing the government into the 21st century. Well, we are proud to say that some of us can rock a hoodie AND a skirt. ;)

John Hollar, CEO of the Museum, moderated the discussion. The teams discussed their origin stories, successes and failures over the last year, and the projects that the teams are taking on in 2016 and beyond. As a tech startup inside one of the largest institutions in the world, we talked about what it means for government to embrace tech industry ideals and practices.

CEO John Hollar, Mikey Dickerson, Hillary Hartley, Lisa Gelobter. (Via Douglas Fairbarn Photography)

But listen for yourself: our episode airs tonight on KQED Radio at 8pm PT. Check it out, and let us know what you think!