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Moving the U.S. Passport Renewal Experience Online

Applying for services through the government isn’t always easy, transparent, or — in the case of U.S. passports — available online. A U.S. passport can be your proof of identity as a U.S. citizen and the easiest way to travel nationally and internationally.

Design with users, not for them.

Analyzing the proposed flow through design, engineering, and policy lenses.
Card-sorting activity with sections of the application.
Testing and sorting paper prototypes at the Washington D.C. Passport Agency.
Mobile-first paper prototype at the San Francisco Passport Agency.

Changes we made between the paper form and online version were based directly on user feedback including:

If it’s this simple, I want to do it.

Upon seeing the online prototype, one participant stated, “My expectation now is of going from a 2–2 ½ hour end-to-end process to 20 minutes process, if it’s an online form.”

I love it — it’s so friendly unlike other forms.”