New VA Mobile App Serving 210,000 Veterans — and Counting

More than 210,000 veterans have downloaded and logged into the VA Benefits & Health mobile app.

Veterans now have on-the-go access to their benefits and healthcare, thanks to an authenticated mobile app launched by the Department of Veterans Affairs and the U.S Digital Service. Delivery of this product is one of the commitments of the Department in Executive Order 14058, Transforming Federal Customer Experience and Service Delivery to Rebuild Trust in Government, which the President signed in December last year.

The app allows veterans to locate personalized health and benefits information quickly and conveniently while considering their range of accessibility needs.

“The new VA app makes it faster and easier for Veterans to do the things they need to do at VA,” said Charles Worthington, chief technology officer at the department.

Veterans can view upcoming medical appointments, check their claims, and download important letters from the agency. The app also features biometric login, push notifications, and integrations for location and calendars. Veterans are able to locate facilities, securely message providers, access the Veteran Crisis Line, and more. To date, 150,000 Veterans have viewed medical appointments through the app.

Screenshots of the Veterans Affairs Health & Benefits mobile app.

Veterans are also able to speed through the app with modern authentication features and accessibility that make common transactions faster.

Read more about our work with Veterans’ Affairs:

More than 210,000 veterans have downloaded and logged into the app, averaging about 18 sessions per person.

In the future, the VA will add helpful functionality, including prescription refills, appointment requests, debt management, and payment viewing.

Download the VA Health & Benefits app for Apple or Google Play.

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