USDS Alumni Network: Hana Schank

When you join USDS, you become part of a community that extends to life after your tour of duty. In this blog series, we share the stories of USDS Alumni. Find out what they worked on, where they are now, and why you should join us!

Hana Schank, Director of Strategy — Public Interest Technology, New America. USDS alum, 2016–2017.
Hana with USDS in “Marine for a Day” at USMC Base Quantico.

I wouldn’t trade my USDS experience for the world, because it completely changed my career path and my life.

I think it takes a while to realize procurement and hiring are not just boring admin tasks, but central to how everything happens.

A design session Hana ran with CBP and TSA.

When my six months were up there was no way I could turn my back on the most interesting, challenging job I’d ever had.

Hana’s family visits The White House 💪🏽🖥🇺🇸

USDS changed my life.



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