USDS + Lesbians Who Tech + Allies

We are excited and proud to be a part of the first ever Lesbians Who Tech + Allies New York Leadership Summit, which brings together mid-level and executive non-binary, LGBTQ women and our allies. Members of our team will be attending the summit as speakers, recruiters, and allies — they can’t wait to hear about all of the work you are doing and connect at the summit!

Read below to get to know the USDSers attending LWT NY and be sure to connect with us at the summit. Follow along on our Instagram and #LWTSUMMIT or message us at for more details on how to meet up at the summit!

Marvo Dolor, She/Her, Appeals Team, Digital Service at Veterans Affairs

I am currently providing product strategy and operations management to the team building tools for VA employees to more efficiently tackle the backlog of appeals Veterans have filed. At Lesbians Who Tech New York I’m looking forward to meeting the amazing, accomplished attendees and future USDSers.

Clare Bayley, She/Her, Strategic Operative on, U.S. Digital Service HQ

I’m a new addition to the StratOps and Product team at, dedicated to building a usable and secure single-sign-on solution that can be used by the entire federal government. I was recruited by USDS at the last LWT summit, and now I’m coming back to convince even more badass queer folks to come join the cause. Feel free to come up and say hi — I have very short hair and will probably be wearing a black leather jacket, which in no way helps you because this is one of the few tech events where that’s not enough identifying information to pick me out of a crowd. Ahhh, my people!

Anne Kainic, She/Her, Lead Engineer on U.S. Forms System, U.S Digital Service HQ

I’m an engineer working to make interactions between the federal government and the people it serves better. My team is currently building an open-source library to accelerate the development of digital forms, which are often the starting point to accessing government services and benefits. This will be my first time attending LWT, and I can’t wait! I’m excited to hear from and meet many incredible technologists, and to talk about how we can use our skills in technology to make the biggest impact.

Kasia Chmielinski, They/Them, Product Manager, U.S Digital Service HQ

As a product manager working out of headquarters (HQ), I have had the privilege of working on several projects across many agencies, including researching the government response to the opioid crisis (Medicare / HHS), and improving the H-2A migrant farmworker visa experience (USDA). I’m excited to connect with other technologists at the NY LWT Conference around a variety of topics during our Ignite Lunch (Thursday, Main Stage) — from the importance of bringing private sector processes into the public sector, to what bipartisan means in 2018. Come say hi!

Clare Martorana, She/Her, Product Management & Strategy/Operations, Digital Service at Veterans Affairs

I am working on Digital Modernization at the Dept. of Veterans Affairs. We get to help Veterans, Servicemembers and their families do things you and I take for granted, like updating your contact information online. Hearing Veteran stories through our research and designing products and experiences that work for them is, IMHO, as much fun as you can have in government! This is my first LWT event & I am just excited to be surrounded by other queer folks!! I love being part of USDS and surrounded by smart, creative and passionate people that are building tech that helps all the humans. At USDS we need more BADASS QUEER FOLKS so our unique perspectives and experiences are always part of the story! So please come talk to me or anyone on the USDS Team so we can talk about the incredible impact you can have!

Grace, She/Her, Talent Team, U.S. Digital Service HQ

I’m the Lead of Talent Operations, so I work with the rest of the talent team to make sure everyone who applies has the best candidate experience possible. I had a great time at the San Francisco Lesbians Who Tech Summit this past spring, so I’m really excited for the opportunity to talk to more awesome queer people at the New York Summit.

Julie Meloni, She/Her, Director of Product Management & Strategy/Operations at U.S Digital Service HQ

I’m the Director of Product Management & Strategy/Operations at the U.S. Digital Service, which means I try my best to hire and empower people who then design, develop, and deliver tools that make a difference in the lives of millions of people every day. The most important and rewarding job I have is to make sure that 50+ technical product managers and strategy/operations folks are working on the most impactful projects they can (and are happy doing so). I am super excited to attend Lesbians Who Tech not only to meet a ton of new people at the top of their game, but also to remind folks that just because Megan Smith isn’t the U.S. CTO anymore, the U.S. Government doesn’t lack for smart queer techies trying their very best to build products and experiences that represent the needs of all Americans (and those wanting to become Americans). We need help — YOUR HELP — please connect with us to learn more about the people and projects in the U.S. Digital Service!

Leah Bannon, She/Her, Product Manager, Digital Service at Veterans Affairs

At USDS, I’m a product manager at the VA helping veterans access their benefits. At LWT New York I’m most excited to talk with folks about how we can support and uplift each other and our most vulnerable queer communities.

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