Letter from the Editor

What started off as a pet project has gained over a thousand followers over the past few months. I’m guessing The Uber Confessionals’ rise in readership is probably due to the headlines Uber’s been grabbing recently, for better or for worse (mostly worse). Or it could be some cheap, behavioral psychology parlor trick Medium implemented to goad writers into writing more for free (I wouldn’t put it past them). Still, I’m grateful that my small collection of slice-of-life stories has amassed a tiny following.

With that said, I wanted to pose a few questions for my readers to chew on while they go through my stories or use a ride-“sharing” app:

  1. How often do you think Uber drivers use the passenger side of the app?
  2. How do you feel about Uber drivers making less than minimum wage after subtracting gas and car depreciation?
  3. Are all parts of society benefitting from increased convenience?
  4. How does ride-sharing impact your local, public transportation?
  5. How do you feel about opportunity in the U.S.?

I may have one or two more stories up my sleeve, but I won’t be writing anymore Uber confessionals past that. I am, however, taking submissions if you have an interesting story as either a driver or passenger.

Thank you for giving this a read; your attention is the most valuable commodity in Silicon Valley and I’m grateful you chose to spend some of it here.