Introducing Fusion

We are excited to unveil the Ubiq GUI wallet: Fusion. Fusion is a fork of Ethereum’s Mist browser, customized for the Ubiq platform. Combining security with a user-friendly design, Fusion brings together all of your accounts, assets and application interfaces into one powerful and easy to use desktop application.

Cryptocurrencies forged a new path in the financial industry by allowing individuals to directly control their own wealth and investments, outside the control of banks, governments, or third-party brokers. Unfortunately, many users opt to surrender control of their coins in trade for the convenience and user-friendliness offered by trading exchanges and online wallets. While third-party exchanges certainly play an important role in the cryptocurrency ecosystem, they come with risks of their own, such as hacks, theft, and an inherent lack of control over one’s own funds. We firmly believe that the community shouldn’t have to choose between security and user-friendliness, and so are pleased to provide a combination of these two elements through Fusion.

Far removed from the qt wallets we all know and love to hate, Fusion is wrapped in a sleeker design, enjoys smoother operation, and provides far more functionality than standard cryptocurrency wallets. Fusion acts as a portal into the Ubiq environment, providing fast syncing times, drag-and-drop account imports and backups, and one-click wallet updates.

Use the same Fusion wallet to create an unlimited number of passphrase protected accounts, each with their unique UBQ balance, deposit address, and transaction history. Fusion provides even more ways to protect your investments with built in multisignature wallets, and lends itself towards use by joint family or business funds through fully editable wallet contract parameters.

Store any asset hosted on the Ubiq blockchain in your Fusion wallet to have all of your investments, coins, and tokens secured in one conveniently accessible location. Furthermore, you can create assets of your very own through Fusion’s native smart contract deployment system, which will compile your smart contract code before deployment on Ubiq’s blockchain.

Being cognizant of the frustrations many users have with the older generation of desktop wallet applications, our development team is passionately focused on providing a secure, user-friendly, and functional desktop wallet experience for the Ubiq community. Indicative of this commitment, we are continuing developing of the Fusion wallet, and have several brand new and innovative functionalities planned for future releases.


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