Ubiq March Madness

It’s time for the second annual March Madness College Basketball Bracket Tournament! This year we will be using the same website, CBS Sports Line. It’s a free service to join and last year had a great mobile app and a lot of the games were streaming for free.

We will be doing a friendly ten USD worth of Ubiq for the buy-in. We calculated the amount yesterday in the Ubiq Slack at 294 UBQ. The buy-in will be sent to a multisig smart contract for escrow, and it will require both private key holders to authorize fund transfers. Contract holders will be Julian and Nathan. The prize pay out for the tournament will be 75% for the winner and 25% for second place.

Scoring and rules are standard for most brackets with the tie breaker being decided by the total combined score of the final game. So a final score of 62–60 would be 122. This Sunday is “Selection Sunday” with the first games of the first round starting Thursday the 16th. Once the tournament starts a league wide email will be sent out with the specific amount of Ubiq to send. For example team 1 will send 294.001 UBQ team 2 will send 294.002 and so on. Buy-in amount MUST be sent before the FIRST GAME of the FIRST ROUND on Thursday, March 16th or your team will be removed from the league. All entries need to be made prior to 12 PM EST per the website’s rules. The name and email you sign up with default to “publicly available” to other league members, If you like you can go into the settings and make your email private.

If you have any questions come join us in the Ubiq Slack and head over to the #sports channel. Looking forward to some Ubiq March Madness! If you have never followed the March Madness tournament it is a great tournament to follow…. It is pure basketball and if you lose you go home so every game is do or die.

You can also head straight over to the CBS Sports Line website: http://ubiq.mayhem.cbssports.com/e/514a3a58dd10bfd06bf32e3f095ce1b2

Join the Slack here: http://slack.ubiqsmart.com/ free to sign up, currently with over 1000 members. Fantasy discussions will take place in the #sports channel as previously mentioned.

Read More about Ubiq here: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1763606.0

Check out the website here: https://ubiqsmart.com/

Note: This post is posted on behalf of Slack user @saintgermaine who is organizing this.