Update — February 28, 2017

One month ago, the Ubiq network was launched on Chinese New Year January 28th, 2017. It’s only been a month but a lot has happened. Here are some recent updates.

Novaexchange voting and exchange listing

This has gone very well and Ubiq successfully achieved 250 out of 250 required votes in a bit over 1 week. This is remarkable as many coins on that Voting list have languished for months with very few votes. Many coins also get disqualified for rigging the vote process. We are grateful that we have a diverse and committed community. :)

Mine with Claymore miner software

Block 30,000 has kicked in and you can now mine with Claymore miner. Every 30 thousand blocks represents an “epoch” in the Dagger Hashimoto mining algorithm. When this switches over the DAG size increases. Importantly, Claymore miner didn’t support Epoch 0, but now we are fully supported!

This allows miners to mine solo with Claymore or dual mine Ubiq and another coin such as Decred, Sia, LBRY or Pascal.

Telegram group

There have been discussions about a possible Telegram group. Our viewpoint is that while we are fine with one people launched, it would need to be run unofficially. Our team of developers already have a strong real time chat presence in Slack, but we aren’t against having a community member run a Ubiq Telegram channel as we understand lots of people prefer that platform.

Fast chain syncing

I took a look at supporting fast chain syncing (the “ — fast” flag) one night last week. While not crucial, it is a “nice to have feature” that only benefits the initial sync. Having researched it and looked at the code, I realized it’s kinda tricky because it fetches and processes headers out of sequence. Ubiq is different because it inspects a past window of block headers when calculating difficulty so it essentially fails.

It comes down to it not being a quick fix to get this implemented. It would probably require changing the code to explicitly download all the headers first and then processing them.

Fusion GUI wallet

Our Fusion GUI wallet was recently released. Luke writes about it more in a blog post.

Dapps for on chain governance

One aspect of Ubiq that I will be focusing on is devising a plan for Dapps for on chain governance. These are planned to be primarily smart contract based as opposed to protocol based which would require a hard fork.

Some items of note:

  • Stake based voting
  • Bounties
  • Funding development
  • Proposals
  • Official statements

We have a lot more things to cover over time.

Thanks for following along. :)