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Ukraine’s Manifest Destiny

An Opinion from a US Citizen in Kyiv

St. Volodymyr’s Cathedral; Kyiv; August 2, 2022 Photo by Author

Humanity often thinks it knows and can determine the mind of God by stating that certain people or nations are pre-determined or pre-destined to accomplish a certain thing. In the United States, the belief that God determined that country’s Manifest Destiny with the expansion of democracy and capitalism across the North American continent and beyond. Whether it was true and determined by God is not important. What is important is that citizens, politicians, bureaucrats, organizations, the military and many other believed that it was true. When a nation believes that a higher power has endowed it with certain tasks or goals, that nation can also become unstoppable. This idea of Manifest Destiny came to be in the mid-1800’s and drove the US forward for nearly a hundred years.

President Putin also believes in a Manifest Destiny for the Russian Federation to take back former lands once controlled by the Russian Empire. Propaganda in the RF has been pushing forth Putin’s “Make Russia Great Again” narrative since the 1990’s. People have been forced to believe that this is Russia’s Manifest Destiny and the ideal is now ingrained in their minds. However, the difference between the US idea (expansionism for democracy and capitalism) and Russia’s is that RF expansionism is merely vengeance for perceived past wrongs. The brutal reality that the RF is now facing is that it has driven itself straight into Ukraine’s Manifest Destiny.

Kyiv City Museum Exhibition: Artist Roman Bonchuk: Photo by Author: July 2022

Ukraine did not know it had a Manifest Destiny, nor did anyone really announce it within the government or anywhere else for the most part. Even in 2014 and the years after, there was no real mention of Ukraine having a Manifest Destiny. Peace had been broken, land had been taken but nobody listened to what the Ukrainians had to say about the RF’s further expansion plans. Ukraine’s Armed Forces (UAF) held the line but could not do much due to a lack of weapons and resources. Ukraine’s Manifest Destiny was laid in front of it when the RF started its full-scale invasion on February 24, 2022.

Is Ukraine’s Manifest Destiny pre-determined by God? Only a fool would state they know the mind of God. However, Ukraine’s Manifest Destiny is a true reality easily seen by a logical mind. Ukraine is the country to reveal the truth about Russia. The Ukrainians did not want this task or ask for it. They are free-spirited people who only have ever sought their own freedom and peace upon their lands. Like everyone else in history, they have made mistakes in the past including perhaps some misguided alliances. The past is to be learned from and then moved on from.

The present is what matters. Ukraine’s present is the grim reality of “It’s a dirty job but someone’s gotta do it.” Ukraine is revealing they are the true Rus people and that the RF is really just Muscovy and always has been. The whole Ukrainian nation is fulfilling its Manifest Destiny by exposing a thousand years of lies and false history. The old mantra that history is written and told by the winners has held true by the Muscovites for that long of a period. Ukraine’s Manifest Destiny is now showing the real truth and history. A nation of liars with power and massive amounts of weapons is now killing everyone in its path to try to stop these truths from being told. But it is already too late for the lies to be covered up. Years after the war ends, Ukraine will have the responsibility of continuing to expose and tell the truth about the false narrative of Muscovy’s history.

Exhibit in Kyiv at White World Ukraine Gallery: Artist: Vladyslav Shereshevskyi: Photo by Author

Faculties of Russian studies in the West and elsewhere will have to totally reinvent their curriculum. New scholars of history, politics, economics, sociology, theology and psychology will have to be developed and take the reins of academia in the field. History will literally have to be rewritten so that it tells the truth. Libraries of books with false history will have to be cast aside and news ones will need to be written. Historical films will need to be made with accuracy of true history. Ukraine’s Manifest Destiny is no easy task as the amount of resources and intelligence needed to accomplish it on a global scale is monumental. First, the war must be ended and that is only Step One in the fulfillment of Ukraine’s Manifest Destiny.

Decades and maybe even a full century of hard work lies ahead for Ukraine. Ukraine’s past must be revisited and the truth told. Ukraine’s present must be a victory for the nation. Ukraine’s future is yet-to-be-determined. No matter what emerges, Ukraine is fulfilling a Manifest Destiny that it never really wanted or asked for. That seems to make all the more real and true because now the fulfillment of it is crucial for Europe and the world. Realistically, it is also of utmost importance for the RF because at some point a nation of roughly 190 million will have to completely reinvent itself from centuries of lies. First, they will have to stop the killing and face the truth that Ukraine is now proving to the whole planet.



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