MedTech Startups @ TechCrunch Disrupt

Last week there was a little conference called Disrupt at Pier 48 in San Francisco. It was organized by TechCrunch — maybe you’ve heard of them.

In case you missed it (I did too), my friend Dave Schools went and wrote a great summary of all 3 days that you can read here. I’m going to break his post down even further and focus on the HEALTHCARE STARTUPS.

One of the growing attractions at DISRUPT SF is the Startup Battlefield.

Over the past 10 years, 500+ companies have competed for the $50K prize at each conference. This year, there were 5 that stuck out to me who are making big strides and major contributions in MED-TECH specifically.

[I’ve embedded videos so you can watch any startup that catches your eye: each team gave a 10-minute pitch at the competition — this is how it’s done in the big leagues, folks.]

  • EverlyWell — places medical health data (such as blood reports) in the hands of patients in an accessible way. Replaces risky “Dr. Google” with at-home health testing.
  • LUCY — platform for busy parents to manage birth experiences. The LUCY mobile application provides a customized roadmap for everything parents need amidst the birthing process.
  • Carbon Health — a sleek mobile app that puts a digital hospital on your phone. Users can view medical history, message with a physician, schedule an appointment. Users can follow a treatment plan, fill prescriptions, have them delivered, and set daily reminders for taking pills.
  • mFluidx — a point-of-care diagnostic kit that doesn’t require external power and interfaces with mobile devices. Gives low-resourced clinics the ability to detect disease affordably.

Can you guess which 2 startups made it to the final round of 6? (out of 25 total from all categories)

Carbon Health and EverlyWell.

Neither of them won the final prize, but Digital Health overall is certainly starting to come into its heyday. I love to read Rock Health’s research reports compiled a few times a year to get a gist of activity in the sector.

We’re talkin’ over $4B/year (that’s $350M+/month)

Credit: Rock Health research team, Mitchell Mom + Ashlee Adams

Chew on that for a while, then when you’ve decided to launch your own digital health company, let me know.

Hey Ultimate Doctor, I’m truly honored that you read all the way to the end.

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