Why I Gave Away my Udemy Podcast Course And The Life & Work Lesson I Gained.

Initially, I thought I was crazy. I also think my peers thought I was crazy. I’m not entirely sure. However, as time progressed, I recognized there was a sanity to my decision to give my podcasting course away, for absolutely nothing, and here’s what you can learn from my experience…

I was sitting one day with just a few students enrolled in my For-Pay course. Then it dawned on me… Why would someone buy a course from me if they don’t know who I am? That’s right. Not everyone who starts out with a course or a business is an immediate influencer. This takes years to accomplish.

While many other instructors probably find my decision to give away my course as destructive to the value of my material, I had a completely different perspective…

If your content is valuable and you are truly helping people, they will become your greatest advocates.

My value proposition for the course has always been about the simplest process of recording a podcast and NOT the fact that it’s a free course.

The Udemy Podcast Academy course now has over 700 students and people are sending me emails every day about how this material is truly helping them. I love that. There is a sense of satisfaction that is not monetary and in the long term, gives me the motivation to continue helping people in marketing, podcasting and anything about building a person or company’s brand.

Guiding Questions Towards Influence:

  1. Think about a particular service you want to offer.
  2. What’s your unique value proposition?
  3. How can you give something away with NO expectation?
  4. Do you love your skill set enough to build it organically?
  5. Can you envision the long-term benefits of your generosity?

These questions will help you establish a basis for whether or not giving value away makes sense to you. We are in a SOCIAL era where content is everywhere. Be mindful of the value and context of your expertise and don’t be afraid to find the tightest niche that you can claim your very own. Be different but intentionally so.

The point of this is to get you to think FAR BEYOND the revenue model and more into the service model. This is how real entrepreneurs build a long term sustainable and VERY loyal following. Give more than you get.

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