I have doubts about my startup idea.

“Sure shot way to failure is not believing in your idea or in yourself”. I have heard a lot of people say it but reality is even the strongest and the most confident of people will have doubts at times. How many times I hear stories of successful people talking about how they never knew they could land up so successful.

Sometimes I run into scenarios, which shake me up. Like if I found a competitor doing some extraordinary work or an advisor doubting my idea or telling me how complex or long the road is.

Easy thing to do then is to over analyze the situation and start going on tangents.

If you start doubting — one thing I have found to work for myself is not look far to the end and just enjoy the journey. It is like a video game, you will be happy you finished it and also sad because you have nothing to look forward to.

You will make hundreds of mistakes along the way, but you will find hundreds of ways things don’t work so ultimately, you keep getting better and smarter every day.

90% startups fail and there is a good chance my startup can fail, but I bet every successful exit out there had to deal with these negative external factors. Take example for Dropbox or Instagram- they had immense competition from multiples competitors including Google and Microsoft and look where they are now. Airbnb was rejected by Chris Sacca- He said this -

“Airbnb, multi-billion-dollar business, right? I was one of the first people to see the Airbnb page. And I pulled them aside and said, guys, this is super dangerous. You’re renting out a room in somebody’s house while they’re still there? Somebody’s going to get raped or murdered, and the blood is gonna be on your hands. There’s no way this’ll succeed. That’s a $10 billion business today that I’m not an investor in.”

No matter what happens with your venture, you can be sure that you will be better off from where you were before. That is what believing is!