How do you filter out ‘valuable content’ shared by Experts and

Thought Leaders,

from their Twitter, LinkedIn, Blog updates?

I follow the experts in their Twitter / LinkedIn / Blog / Facebook, listening to ‘the valuable content’ they are posting and sharing.

But often, I’m getting lost in this clutter of various updates, while I hunt for that ‘valuable content’ shared by them.

Take the case of an expert who is very active in twitter. The high frequency updates might as well include their personal status updates, their perspective on X and Y, their one to one conversations with their followers, and you can guess, making it too noisy for you and me?

But you can’t un-follow the expert, as you might miss that ‘vital information’ which (s)he’s going to share in one of her/his upcoming tweets or blog posts?

How do you ensure that you stay tuned to the best content, but not having to filter through the clutter?