The Best Answer I Ever Gave

Over my time as a Personal Trainer and educator to health and fitness professionals, I have been lucky enough to have been a guest on many podcasts.

I always appreciate the opportunity to share my experiences with other fitness professionals. One of the best ways of learning is to listen to other coaches and reflect on what they have done, how their experience has paralleled your own and what you could have done differently.

One of the questions the host asked (which he asked every guest) was what question that I was most sick of hearing. This was apparently a very popular question as it allowed every guest to go to town and complain about having to deal with so called dumb questions and essentially ridicule people for asking them.

My answer to this question shocked the host as he had never come across this perspective. Without quoting myself directly (that would mean I would have to listen to myself and no one wants that) here is the essence of what I conveyed.

When we get questions from our clients, no matter how many times we have heard it or how stupid we make think it is, we must answer it with the same degree of care, thought and respect that we would have if we were answering it for the very first time.

Our clients come to us not only for our ability to convey information and facts to them, but for accountability, support and empathy on their journey. If we get sick and tired of answering questions then we certainly are not assisting them in their journey from a place of empathy. Patience is not just a virtue, but a requirement.

If we tire of answering the same questions for different people, we should consider if this is really the right career for us. Our objective as personal trainers or coaches is to help our clients regardless of their current point ion their journey and to do it with courtesy and thoughtfulness.

Hopefully this small article has opened your eyes to a new perspective and way of doing things.



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Paul Meldrum

Paul Meldrum

Paul has been involved in the health and fitness industry for seventeen years. He coaches both clients and personal trainers to get better results in all areas.