Destiny 2: A World Without Light?

Invites to streamers give us next info about Destiny 2

Pew pew pew — IGN

Since the announcement of Destiny 2, many fans have been wondering what the game will look like. Given the cinematic trailer and the invites sent out to outlets/Destiny streamers, we now have our first clues.

The invite

This card came with the invite for streamers; it says, “Welcome to a world without light.”

Now, this has me undergoing some intense speculation. I wondered if the original subclasses we’ve come to know and love (or hate depending on who you ask) were going to return or not. It would seem that that is not the case, at least not entirely.

In the Destiny 2 trailer we see one subclass being used: Ikora Rey’s Stormcaller. Besides that no powers, supers, or even jumps are shown.

This leads me to believe that there are two possible options for subclasses in Destiny 2:

Goodbye subclasses, hello world without light

One of the ways Destiny 2 can reset its base is by removing all known subclasses. When we start the game/beta, we will not have any subclasses whatsoever and be left with our guns.

Now this is highly unlikely. Destiny’s abilities are one of, if not its best feature. They are an immense part of why Destiny’s gameplay has become so addictive.

With that being said, it’s possible that all subclasses are being removed to make way for some brand new ones. I personally would be okay with this. I’ve wanted new subclasses from the start of Destiny, and the addition of The Taken King subclasses weren’t enough to fully satiate me.

Only The Taken King subclasses

Given how we received our new subclasses in Taken King, it is possible that the damage/destruction of the Traveler will have no effect on said subclasses. That would explain how Ikora Rey is still able to use her Stormcaller meele attack.

This isn’t to say that the original subclasses won’t return at some point. I can easily see 2–3 years into Destiny 2 that they make a return, bringing some much needed new life into the game.

I could also be very wrong about this and all 3 subclasses will return (balanced I pray), hopefully with a few new ones in tow.

What could the new subclasses be? I have no idea. We’ve seen no hints or speculation as to what that would look like. I’m sure that arc, solar, and void will return, but how cool would it be for us to see some new elements?

Whatever the case is here, I do think that a barebones, no abilities mode would be interesting for Destiny 2. It just leaves you to ask, how good is your gun game? Probably not the best, I would say.

I cannot wait for May 18th and to get my hands on the Destiny 2 beta. The Destiny 1 beta was actually some of the most fun I’ve had in PVP in the entire game, and I would expect the Destiny 2 beta to do the same.