Destiny 2: Why the Community is Upset

Destiny 2 has its community vehemently upset about decisions made for the game

There’s been a lot of hoopla and outrage surrounding Destiny 2 post E3. The focus has particularly been on the decision making by Bungie, the developer of Destiny and Destiny 2, regarding this game. (Note, I’m not going to discuss why some people are calling the game “Destiny 1.5”)



The first major concern that people seem to have with Destiny 2 is the issue of narrative. Luke Smith, the creative director of Destiny 2, has confirmed that the Darkness and the Exo Stranger will not be in Destiny 2. This has made a lot of people upset because they wanted answers as to what and who the Darkness and the Exo Stranger were. The fact that they are not in the game has given some people worries about how the narrative of Destiny 2 is going to play out.

This is the one issue that I understand, but that I ultimately do not share. Do I want to know more about what the Darkness is? Of course I do. Do I want to know any little piece of information I can get on the Exo Stranger? 1000% yes. But that is not the focus on Destiny 2’s story.

Destiny 2 wants to tell us a different story. One that takes place in the same world, with the same incredible lore, and all the characters we know and love. In fact, so many people, myself included, have commended Destiny 2’s approach to storytelling. It’s an actual story this time, with a proper villain and some major consequences. The opening mission of the game looks bonkers, and I cannot wait to see what else the story holds.

It is waaaaay too early to judge Destiny 2’s story. And if we were judging it, the first mission is awesome. We have to wait and see how the story actually plays out, to determine whether or not we have a right to be upset. We can be worried, certainly. But let’s not judge it before it’s even out.

That being said, there is no reason why we cannot see the Darkness or the Exo Stranger return to Destiny 2 in future. Those familiar with Destiny will know that with each expansion comes a brand new story. Who’s to say that any of the expansions coming in the first year won’t address these? Or that any future expansion beyond that point, which we will certainly get unless Bungie decides to take Destiny yearly, will deal with them?

So let us just enjoy this really good story idea of us Guardians losing everything, and having to fight our way back into meaning.


The second major concern that people have for Destiny 2 comes from the PVP side of things. Destiny has a large, intense, competitive PVP community that is looking forward to Destiny 2, myself included. But Bungie is making some poor decisions regarding this community right out of the gate.

The complaints, on the PVP side, have been on what Bungie is not including in Destiny 2 at launch. There will be no rumble, no private matches, and no ranked play at launch. Notice I keep saying at launch?

Yes, it sucks that Destiny 2 is not shipping with no rumble, private matches, or ranked play. It sucks because the vast majority of the competitive PVP community plays rumble and private matches. Those modes are how they are able to be competitive. Instead, they will be regulated to the regular crucible like everyone else.

It’s perfectly understandable as to why any person would be upset about this. I don’t even play rumble or private matches really, and I am upset about it. There’s no reason, and this makes sense. I honestly thought Bungie would double down with both of these and add more.

I’ve been hoping for some more variations of rumble for those solo players. King of the Hill and Slayer and whatever other modes they can come up with. Now there won’t be any rumble in the game. With private matches it’s the same thing. I wanted not only private matches, but fully customizable private matches. I miss playing snipers — headshots only, with my friends. There’s so much potential here. I just really hope that Destiny 2 will recognize the community’s need and desire for both of these, and bring them back in full force. And soon. We all know how slow Bungie can be.

The ranked play issue is hopefully going to become a non-issue soon enough. Bungie has already stated that there is going to be some kind of ranked play in Destiny 2. Just that it will not happen at launch. Which, honestly, I’m perfectly fine with. As long as Bungie does not take a super long time to implement it, and as long as it isn’t one of their now classic half-steps, we are all going to be happy to have it.

PVE Balance

The third major concern that is plaguing the community is the fact that the game was seemingly made for PVP. It’s like, Bungie looked at anything and everything anyone has ever complained about in Destiny’s PVP, and reworked everything so that all of those issues can be fixed.

That is not a bad thing. At all. What that says to me is that Bungie is listening to our concerns and issues, and doing their best to fix them. The problem or worry is, that Destiny 2 has been so geared towards its’ PVP community that it is going to affect and hinder the PVE experience.

The way that the gun slots, the ammo economy, the subclasses, the armor, and who knows what else, have been changed is all to impact and reflect the PVP side of the game. That may give all of us a really great PVP experience, but where does that leave PVE?

I’m going to be cautiously optimistic here and say that, Bungie clearly recognizes that this is an issue, and they are doing their utmost best in order to balance the game as best as possible. The only reason why I think this is because, through the various videos I watched and interviews I read, it sounds like Bungie is trying to have both of these experiences feel different.

For example, I can’t remember where I heard this but, I remember someone saying that the new class abilities scale differently in PVE than in PVP. That alone lets me know that Bungie is looking at how they can fairly balance the PVE and PVP side of things. Not to mention that on several occasions, I have heard Bungie devs talking about how they are still fine tweaking the ammo economy, because they recognize the desire/need that people have for using snipers in PVE.

We can absolutely be worried. But to know that they are working on it and trying to best balance it, gives me hope that both the PVE and PVP side, at least on a gameplay standpoint, will be satiated.

With all of this being said, it is crucial to remember that the game is not out yet. In fact, we have not, nor will we, see any more of the game than we have already seen. Bungie has been vocal about keeping their cards close to their chest. I, for one, like it that way. I want the game to surprise me, and to uncover all those new and glorious things for the first time in the game itself.

I cannot wait for the beta. Unless there’s some new news about Destiny 2 until then, you can wait for my review of the beta after the fact. I’ll be streaming as I’m playing as well, if you want to check that out. Let’s hope this game is as great as we all want it to be. Also, let’s not judge it on the beta, which is a small sample of the game.

We all have a lot of concerns and worries, but, it’s way too early for us to truly know if any of those concerns are going to be validated. If you’re not sure about the game, don’t preorder. There’s no onus on you to do so. Wait for the reviews so you can make sure. It’s perfectly normal to worry and be concerned, but don’t judge the game before it’s even out; before everyone actually gets to experience everything that it is, and that Bungie has planned for it.