Game of Thrones Episode 4: “The Spoils of War” Review

Stark reunion, Daenerys makes a move, and the Lannister take their first defeat



SHE’S HOME. FINALLY. Seeing Arya come home to Winterfell got me right in the heart. Arya has been my favourite character from the very beginning, and seeing her come home was such a touching moment.

Again, a recurring theme for the Starks has been how much they have all changed. Arya has been through her own litany of adventures and turmoil to get her where she is. There was that moment where Arya, Sansa, and Bran were finally back together, and it was like seeing three completely new people. Imagine the stories they could tell each other about what they have been through.

Seeing Arya being all badass and, pretty much the Game of Thrones version of Batman was incredibly satisfying. Remember when they were kids and Arya wanted to train, and Sansa was busy being a “proper lady”. Well, here we are. It was interesting to see Sansa being jealous of Arya in that moment, because, well, Sansa is pretty much the ruler of Winterfell. She’s definitely cut out for it. I guess sibling rivalry's never truly die out.

South of the border, as we’ve become accustomed to by now, all hell is breaking loose, or should I say, hellfire. Yes, finally Dany shows up to fight and what an incredibly glorious fight scene. So gruesome and unrestrained. All of those soldiers being burnt to a crisp by Drogon was such a visceral image. It was so cool to see Dany riding Drogon into battle.

And Jamie… what are you doing?! Gosh. You’re really trying to get yourself killed huh? No, Jamie is not dead. I don’t believe that he is dead. He will live to fight another day, and hopefully is smart enough to not charge a dragon next time.

While the battle was incredible, I can’t help but to think of Jon’s words to Dany. The show seems to be putting forward the idea that, while the people have chosen her to be their leader, maybe she is not the best person for the job. If she continues to do what she did, she might just be more of the same. I mean really, how is what Cersei is doing any different from what Dany just did? It’s not.

While Jon is doing his absolute darndest to keep out of this fight, I can see him getting dragged in, in some way. It seems unavoidable at this point. With the White Walkers approaching Eastown, there’s not that much time before they breach the Wall.


  • Arya got the catspaw dagger. It’s valeryian steel, meaning it can kill white walkers. Yes, I can’t wait to see Arya kick some white walker ass.
  • Jon should’ve still killed Theon.
  • Those drawings in the cave that Jon showed Dany were super well illustrated. I wonder if she believes him now.
  • Poor Meera. Sorry, Bran’s not really Bran anymore.
  • The Iron Bank has decided to back Cersei which is terrible news for Dany.
  • I am loving the tighter, more focused narrative this week. With less players in tow, I sincerely hope it continues.
  • BEND THE KNEE — is Dany asking Jon to pledge the North or propose? Seems like there’s a little flirtation going on, on both sides. Davos insinuating, and that little look between Dany and Missandei. The show is definitely teasing a romance, a romance that may never happen.
  • ALWAYS good to see Bronn, Brienne, and the sexpert himself Podrick.