‘Rick & Morty’ Returns in Spectacular Fashion

‘Rick and Morty’ debuts an incredible season 3 premiere that changes the show’s status quo


In perhaps the best April Fool’s prank that turned out to be real, Rick and Morty made a surprise return, debuting a spectacular premiere episode.

At the end of Season 2, Rick turned himself into the Galactic Federation to seemingly save his family. It was an emotional, unexpected cliffhanger that left many viewers wondering how the show will proceed. In perfect Rick and Morty fashion, we now have our answer.

Everything that happened at the end of Season 2, even getting himself captured, was all part of Rick’s plan. Rick infiltrated the prison so that he can break into the Federation’s restricted areas and topple their regime. A brilliant plan that somehow amidst multiple roadblocks Rick is able to accomplish.

In toppling the government, Rick resets the show’s status quo and brings the viewer back to the familiar position we are used to seeing. However, a show as brilliant as Rick and Morty would not make it that easy. In stunning fashion Rick’s return gets Jerry, who proposed a ridiculous ultimatum of “it’s me or him” to Beth, to separate from his family.

Rick only reveals his master plan of saving Morty and Summer so that he can earn Beth’s favor again and become the patriarch of the family and of the world (universe?). Of course only Morty would know this, leaving Summer and Beth to think that Grandpa Rick actually really loves and cares for them. Maybe Rick does and he is just posturing, but that intense, haunting speech that he gives to Morty at the end seems to say otherwise.

What is Rick and Morty going to look like without a constant source of Jerry? We’ll have to wait and see, as the show will not air any new episodes until the summer. But if it is as half as good as this episode is, we’re in for another great season.


  • The scene where Summer is being held at gunpoint, Rick is trying to save her, and everyone starts yelling at Morty is absolutely amazing.
  • Summer’s line about “aliens being cornered in the schoolyard” being considered patriotism is terrific and unfortunately hits way too close to home.
  • The fact that Rick planned this so that he can make sure Beth and Jerry get a divorce. Outstanding and malicious.
“He must of manifested some type of butt”
“There’s no tougher titty than a psychotic break Rick”
“Well, that depends on who breaks first: me or the titty”
“Seal team Ricks”
“I’m bummed I didn’t get to give that insect dick a test drive”
“Let’s not suck the ghost of his dick too hard”
“I want that Mulan McNugget sauce” (97 MORE YEARS TO GO MORTY)