Three Reasons the Cavaliers Should Revisit the Carmelo Deal

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If you are living and in any way a fan of the NBA, there are currently two rumors circulating around the league. Ironically enough, they both involve the Cleveland Cavaliers. The first situation revolves around the team itself and how they seem to be missing a few pieces — especially if they expect to defend their 2016 title. LeBron James is no stranger to using the media to pull strings. In fact, he recently began to let Dan Gilbert know (through the media) that he is not happy with the Cavs current state of affairs. The irony at this point is too hot to handle — since, as many know, LeBron is the team’s unofficial GM. The Cavs current state of affairs involves losing 5 of their last 8, including a disheartening overtime loss to the Sacramento Kings on Wednesday. Add this with a struggling Tristan Thompson, an injured J.R. Smith, and an unacclimated Kyle Korver and what do you get? A recipe for some Cleveland drama.

As LeBron began to use the media to air out his grievances, the media began to answer his call by suggesting a trade between his team and the New York Knickerbockers for one Carmelo Anthony. Yahtzee! This would be perfect, right? The Knicks thought so, but were turned down by the Cavaliers upon requesting to negotiate a deal.

Kevin Love is an “ok little player,” to quote ‘Mad Dog’ Chris Russo, but he will never be Carmelo Anthony. The Cavaliers will, if they haven’t already, realized this and should quickly revisit this scenario — here are three reasons why.


One of the biggest knocks on Carmelo Anthony is the fact that he takes just as much pride in his Olympic Gold Medals as he would an NBA Championship. Get real, Melo. His sentiment isn’t the topic, but what is important is that Carmelo does in fact play his best ball in the Olympics. Although there isn’t significant evidence in the numbers, he has constantly been counted on in multiple do-or-die moments during the summer games — in which he always delivered. The reason Carmelo was such an asset to team USA is because of the talent surrounding him on the floor. Better players take some of the responsibility and burden off of his shoulders, allowing him to play more free and focus on particular areas of his game. This could easily be the case for Carmelo alongside Kyrie Irving and LeBron James.

Golden State

The Cleveland Cavaliers might be the East’s only chance at defeating the Golden State Warriors. They can come out and morally deconstruct a game plan before an opponent ever finds their rhythm. If you don’t have the firepower, talent, or manpower to slow them down or at least keep up with them until they can be slowed down, your beat before the opening tip. Carmelo gives the Cavaliers the best chance at competing with Golden State.

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He’s freakin’ Carmelo Anthony

There comes a time in every player’s career where he realizes he cannot do the things he once did, but that time isn’t here for Carmelo Anthony. He continues to display the ability that has made him a household name, All-Star, and Gold Medal winning Olympian. Anthony is still a top 20 player in this league, a top 7 pure scorer, and a top 4 ‘clutch’ performer. Again, Kevin Love isn’t an average player — but to get Carmelo Anthony for Love is an absolute steal.

Nobody realistically knows what moves the Cavs will make this season, if any at all. However, if they want to even reach the finals, let alone compete with Golden State, they must rebuff the Knicks about Carmelo Anthony.