Top Five NHL Fights So Far This Season

image via Youtube

Every hockey fan loves a good scrap. So far in 2016-’17, we’ve seen some solid bouts on the ice. Here are my top five.

5. Tom Wilson vs. Brett Ritchie

Tom Wilson is known for being a dirty player, so it was especially satisfying see him take what I would consider an L at the hands of a young goal-scorer. You be the judge of who came out on top of this 5-star rumble.

4. Matt Martin vs. Erik Gudbranson

I’ll always have a soft spot for Matt Martin, but there was nothing soft about this chat. Big hooks and the refs had to call an end to it before both guys ended up in their dentists’ offices.

3. Luke Gadzic vs. Chris Neil

These two men are no strangers to the fisticuffs. It’s rare in the league to see a fight this even between two true enforcers. This bout did not disappoint.

2. Max Domi vs. Ryan Kesler

Max Domi has made his name as, not only a future star of the league, but a tough dude who can hold his own. This sweet uppercut knockout of Ryan Kesler made waves around the league.

1. Adam McQuaid vs. Derek Grant

This was an awesome shot-for-shot fight capped off with a clear winner. Crowd goes wild.

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