Sometimes, when life takes a shit on you, you just need to roll it in glitter.

Seriously, you need to make that turd sparkle!

That bad thing… yeah it happened, and yeah it sucked. But are you going to let it own you forever?

Because that’s an awful long time…

Quick bit of context. I got hit by the smelly stuff a few weeks after my son Eddie was born. I had been working on a super high pressure project and suddenly, not only was work a throbbing ball ache, but I was trying to keep all those plates spinning on less than 3 hours sleep a night. I was in a blur of night time nappies, milky puke and TV box sets I can’t even remember watching.

Cards out, I was burned out. Not that work gave a toss. To cut a long story short I'm forced out of the job and suddenly finding myself unemployed, stressed and depressed. There — I've said it.

That is one big, smelly, steaming career turd right there. And for a while, it festered and stank out my whole life.

Where the heck was I going to find that glitter?

Ironically, I had been promising myself for years that I would get out of that career ‘when the time was right’. I had just never allowed myself to make the jump. Now, here I was being pushed out and feeling like crap about it.

The great thing about that push was that it led to a lot of soul searching. As my pride recovered it was glaringly obvious. The answer was right there in front of me.

If not now, when? Yeah… exactly.

Newsflash! Job security is pretty much a myth, whatever sized organisation you are in.

If ten years working in finance has taught me anything it is that the constant push for businesses to grow eventually leads to “restructuring”, which most of the time means:

  • Hire consultants,change the company logo and sack half the staff
  • Double the workload of the ‘survivors’
  • Miss targets then fire the CEO
  • Re-hire heads and a new CEO
  • Repeat, ad infinitum

Call me a cynic, but this is pretty much how it goes most of the time.

You might think that the management consultants are the winners? Guess what. It’s also happened in their firm and they are all working crazy hours and getting stressed out too.

So, here is the choice you have:

So, when you find yourself restructured out and you are sat with a payout (lucky you), or just time (also lucky you) or better still, time and a payout (like, seriously, this is your moment) then roll that big fat career turd in glitter. It’s time to start exploring all that things that were starting to slip off your bucket list!

Besides… you didn't really want that job any more, did you?

Here’s a few great ways to sparkle it up:

  • Take some time off and travel the world (seriously, if you can this is something I really recommend)
  • Catch up with all those people who you haven’t seen in ages
  • Retrain, go on a course, learn, up-skill
  • Go do what you did in another, ‘nicer’ business. It’s not a career change, but you’ll meet new people, get some fresh perspective, and if money is a mega issue it sorts that (just be sure to try and save some for next time)
  • Freelance in what you have been doing. Fact — day rates beat salaries and you may be able to use your own limited company to be a bit more tax efficient (not naughty, just sensible). Speak to an accountant who can advise you on this.
  • Explore your interests. Fix up some informational interviews, volunteer, offer your time and skills in exchange for experience and help.

Above all, be bold! Don’t wallow in self pity. I know, losing your job sucks.. even if you hate it. It’s personal. I get it.

I wallowed for a month. Guess how much I got done in that month?


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