Now What. The 8–5 Life.

The sunrise and dog poop greet me every morning and then I make my morning coffee, black. No breakfast. I never take the freeway to work anymore because the streets are so much better.

8–5 is great. I get to drink Mickeys and write. It’s like living in Mad Men, except it’s mostly mad women.

My new assistant Bobby ( his picture is on my Twitter) is working out to be a great addition to my work flow. He comes to life when I leave and finishes up the stuff I've lagged on.

My pups always greet me after a day at the office, frantic with excitement, and scratch up my legs. I make dinner for my lady and I; we do our best to eat all the organic fruits and vegetables that are delivered to our home bi- weekly, before they rot in our tiny fridge.

I love weekends. Adventure. Weekends off should be mandatory for all. One day soon I’ll be adventuring all week and working weekends.

This is as comfortable as I’ll ever be, and it’s making me super uncomfortable.

Time to get comfortable again.

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