Practice What I Preach


Practice? We talking bout practice?

I listened to a podcast the other day by Jeff Goins. Jeff is a writer who also teaches people how to become better writers. In it he brought up something he called “practicing in public,” which is his way of telling people to quit stalling and get on with it already.

Over the last few years I’ve been writing a lot and have shared it with almost no one except the voices in my head. I’ve let Hot Wife and a couple of others read this blog but haven’t shared any of my other writing with anyone. And since I’ve realized that I really like writing, I’ve decided to “practice in public” by sharing some of it with actual humans. I guess my wife and the others who’ve read this are humans but who knows, they could be Westworld hosts.

So why now? Well, as long as I was writing these hilarious little blog posts for my eyes only, I couldn’t fail. No one could tell me they sucked. No one could tell me I was a hack or sounded like someone else. No one could tell me I wasn’t funny. But I’ve decided that even if those things happen they are stupid reasons not to do something so I’m ignoring them.

Ultimately, my goal is to help people see the world a little differently and hopefully laugh a little, even if it’s at my expense. I’ll probably narrow down a topic and change some things over time but for now it’s just about life, as evidenced by the clearly not ironic title.

I also want to get better as a writer and that’s where you come in. Check out some of my posts and if you like anything you read, share it with your friends and family and give me some feedback. If you don’t like what you read because it’s mediocre and annoying like every Chili Peppers album after Blood Sugar Sex Magik, I’d still love your feedback. And if you hate everything you read and want me to shut my stupid face, that’s cool too. Just tell everyone you know to come check out how stupid I am, which you can do by following me at, on Twitter @valentinewillr or here on Medium. Sorry to disappoint but I will likely never post on Snapchat because I am old and don’t understand it. Thanks for your support and for your glowing reviews of every word I ever write.