24/7 Prayer

Join us for a week long prayer effort

Continuing our effort to refresh our focus on prayer, we are hosting a 24/7 prayer week. We hope to gather together to lift up one voice for a variety of people and places.

This will be the week before Jesus Encounter, so we want to ask Jesus for miracles and stories of salvation. Next, we want to keep the momentum going from the prayer and worship night we held last week. That night we allowed the cries of our mouths to align with the desires of our hearts for our city. God hears the pleas of his people and he moves on their behalf. Let’s continue to petition God for our neighbors, neighborhoods, universities, governments, companies, families, and cities.

The prayer week kicks off October 31st at 11pm. All are welcome to come to the HUB and begin the week of prayer together. Then from November 1st at midnight to November 7th at 6pm, we are offering 1-hour time slots for people to reserve (and of course you’re more than welcome to reserve mutliple slots). We are directing people to occupy the chapel for the prayer time so that one room might be filled with prayers for a full week.

We would love for you to join us as we call on God to do something only he can do in our city. If you’d like to play a part in this week,

Sign Up Here.

We ask that you’d provide your phone number and email address so we can communicate with everyone.

This week is going to be incredible, and God will be honored.

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