Free, high-resolution, no attribution necessary photos — for the church.

As media grows more and more ubiquitous, it’s becoming a part of every microchurch leader’s life to create websites, generate social media posts, and print publications such as newsletters and brochures for their ministries. Many microchurches need photos for these projects, and are beginning to take advantage of great free photography websites like Unsplash and Death to Stock. While these websites are able to offer incredible images of things like technology, nature, and the city, we’ve also noticed that there are very few high-quality photographs custom tailored for what ministries might need.


This is a new long-term, experimental project of ours that will allow our leaders to access a database of free, high-resolution photography intended to be used by microchurches. This website is brand new, so as of now the photos are sparse, but moving forward we’ll try and post between 10 and 20 new photos monthly. We’ll also try and take advantage of events that we’re already hosting such as the Core Conference, our 24/7 prayer week, Open-Source Seminars, and so on, as well as creating specific photoshoots to capture photos that might not be readily available such as bible studies, prayer, or various missional activities.

As with everything else we do, this project is open to suggestions and input. If you have a certain kind of photo that you’re looking for that you can’t find, please let us know.

So that’s Browse through, download, and utilize this new resource.

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