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Letter sent on Apr 3, 2017

Introducing a Spin on Short Stories

Here’s a puppy wearing a BB-8 costume and trotting lightheartedly through a sun-drenched meadow, for your viewing enjoyment

What is up readers? We’re fourteen chapters into The Afterworld Saga and Josh and I have spoken about a number of changes we’re making.

Short Stories Now Accepted

First of all, I wanted to announce that we’ll now be taking submissions for short stories (in addition to chapters for a long story). This we do tentatively (after all, we don’t want to be like every other publication). To avoid becoming just another publication, we’re going to do the short story section a bit differently.

Those who submit short stories are essentially submitting proposal stories for further adaptation. In other words, your short stories might become the first chapters in their own long stories (like The Afterworld Saga). Josh and I will decide which short stories could become the real deal later on.

Changes to The Afterworld Saga

We’d like to thank Abby O. Akoto, Leo Oliveira, and Cory Mogk for their contributions to The Unending Tales. We encourage everyone to give it a shot. Because we are a fresh and new publication (I think we’re about 35 weeks old now), we don’t get many submissions, so keep them coming. We’re glad to read all of your work.

If you guys didn’t get the memo, we’re no longer accepting submissions 2 weeks in a row. For example, Abby submitted chapter 2 and it got accepted. It was wonderful. Then she submitted chapter 3 which was also wonderful. Josh and I realized that Abby could end up just writing the whole story herself, but we wanted to give everyone a chance to chime in.

If any of you have suggestions for ideas on how we can improve things here at The Unending Tales, send us an email at Chadzollinger1@gmail.com.

Thanks for everything! Keep on writing so we can keep on reading!