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Letter sent on Sep 27, 2017

New Book, New Look, New Plans

Hey everyone! Thank you to everyone who has helped make The Unending Tales a great publication! We’ve amassed quite a big following and I think it’s time we amped this up a bit. Though I still cannot devote a huge amount of time to this project, we can still make this even better! I only ask for just a tiny bit of help. If you have suggestions for how to make this publication even better, let me know in the comments! If you’d like to be considered for an editorial position (alongside Joe Rodriguez, Kevin M. Schenk, Joshua Valdivia, and myself) let me know in the comments!

New Book

We’re going to refine The Afterworld Saga and The Pilgrim of Cele, as they do need a bit of work with rewriting and editing, and start looking for a Book 3 project to work on. We’ll be curating The Unending Tales’ content and seeking an opening chapter for a new book with a more widespread genre (drama, fiction, horror, mystery, historical fiction, etc.).

We’ll also be searching for authors who’d like to write the first chapter or contribute a subsequent chapter to this new book. Please be patient with us in this process as we don’t know exactly how long it will take.

Those who wish to be considered for this first chapter, please submit your piece as a short story.

New Look

Hopefully you’ve all seen our new homepage. We’ve begun to move away from a strictly “fantasy and sci-fi genre” publication. Instead, we’d like to invite all writers to enjoy The Unending Tales. We’ve been at this for a few months now so we’ve faced some problems. Sadly, because of time, I haven’t been able to give the publication the attention it deserves. Because of this, I’ve asked Joe Rodriguez and Kevin M. Schenk to help us out as our new editors. Some of you have already worked with them before.

New Plans

There is a website that lists the top publications on Medium, and even though we wouldn’t rank very high, it would be awesome to get on the list! To do that, we need to tweet at the person in charge of that list. It would be great if everyone could click the following link and Tweet to Mubashar Iqbal about this publication:

This way, we can begin to get a bigger audience. Please be active in sharing your favorite short stories from The Unending Tales on social media. Eventually, we will need more help and more editors, so proving your dedication now can go a long way in the future.