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The Unicorn Writer Rears Up Its Horn

“The Summoner’s Sum” Project

The Writer Unicorn by Andrea D’Angelo

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Nice to reach out to you for the first time.

The original meaning of my Publication was to give a home to my orphaned articles. But I didn’t know how much Medium would have changed my horizon.

In here I found inspiring readers and terrific writers. A little Eden, my writer soul’s solace—out of the “Italian swamp” as I already wrote.

Few days ago I gave birth to my new project: The Summoner’s Sum. It’s one of the five projects of my “creative pentagon”. It was supposed to be in Italian. Instead, with a leap of faith (in me), I decided to challenge myself —yeah, that’s how brave I am. A leopard cannot change its spots, anyway.

By consequence I contact you to ask for your kind support. I’m an unknown Italian writer. But let me dare, hoping not to sound arrogant: the contents I will share matter. Not only to fiction writers, as I am, but to non-fiction ones too.

A writing lifetime with professional experience is worth a reading.

What I’m asking to you is to spread the word about this little project of mine. Sure, if you so please and if you like it. How? As you consider it worth.

To make the voluntary task easier I’ll send you a short email — shorter than this — each time a new installment is published. Whoever will share it has my never-ending gratitude; who won’t too. You are my followers, and that’s already a precious gift.

Thank you for your precious attention.

Send you love!




The journey, not the destination, is what matters. Unicorn Writers perspective on writing is artistic and it delves into meanings. They love the what and the how, but the why matters more.

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