Are We Wasting Time When We Are Wasting Time?

Take a seat, grab a drink, and relax. Are you wasting time? You could be working, studying, creating, or doing something productive. You haven’t reached your goal yet so why are you wasting time? I’ve learned that the most important thing in life is to find balance. That is something we should be working towards in every aspect of our lives. In everything we do, there is a good and bad side, but there is always a positive to gain from both sides. So are we really wasting time when we are wasting time doing nothing? I believe we gain something when we zone out and do absolutely nothing.

We live in a world of constant movement, so much so that our brain cannot comprehend all of its daily complexities. Then there is “you.” One out of a billion individuals that is participating in this world that is constantly turning. We each have our own motives that make us get out of bed and seize the day. It helps keep the world balanced. Since we aren’t machines we end up needing a vacation, a dayoff, or just a couple hours where we do nothing at all. For some, it is frustrating to waste time knowing you could be continuing towards your goal. Like I said, we aren’t machines so our brain needs time to relax and cope with work we put in.

This is when I explain to those that are mad at me for saying that wasting time is a good thing. When we waste time, we really aren’t wasting time. We are rebooting our focus to go even harder when we become engaged once again. So much is going on in our lives that taking time to zone out helps us put things into perspective. We sit back and reevaluate our past success and chess moves towards our goal. Mistakes start clicking in our brain and our thoughts mold together. Stress clears as we feel more confident in our future plans. We become more self motivated into how we will use the upcoming days to further ourselves in life. We simply give ourselves a moment to realize how amazing it is to be here on Earth, experiencing life itself.

When the day comes where you stare into the abyss for a good hour with your screensaver on, snap back into reality and remember that your body has rebooted. Next time you are thinking about what to do next and feel frustrated for wasting time, realize that you are helping yourself truly understand your purpose and goals to better yourself for the upcoming days ahead. Everything in life has a purpose so find the positives in it all and balance will become a norm.

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