When I… Then I = You Never Will!

For the last year I’ve been saying that I want a new, gorgeous, all black everything type truck.

To me the blacked out truck screams luxury and importance.

Plus, every celebrity you know has, or is transported around in a big black truck( act as if… right?!!).

Lately I’ve really been putting the work in to get my big black truck.

I do not like financing or car notes and I’ve never paid one in my life.

If I want something I pay in full with cash!!

This is because I honestly haven’t been the best with money.

I’ve made a lot of money 💰💰.

Being responsible and keeping it has been my issue.

But it’s been something I’ve worked REALLY hard on and continue to get better and better with.


I’m getting closer and closer to my savings goal for my truck and it’s starting to get REALLY exciting!!

God/Universe has been playing this game with me and everywhere I go I’m surrounded by black trucks.

It never fails.

Anytime I go out, a black truck shows up somewhere.

At first, I thought it was funny and I took it as a sign from God that I’m on the right path.

After about two weeks of this continuing to happen I started to really question myself….

I’m clearly manifesting all these black trucks around me but how come I don’t have mine yet?

Is everyone else more black truck worthy than I am?

I’m saving and doing all the “right” things so why don’t I have my big black truck?

Then it hit me… I was falling into the When I .. Then I syndrome.

The When I… Then I syndrome is something that alot of us fall into.

The premise around it is that when you do a certain thing or reach a specific goal, then you will believe or allow yourself to do a specific action.

When I lose weight… Then I’ll feel better about myself.

When I make this amount of money… then I’ll feel accomplished.

When I…. Then I is total victim/poverty/lack mindset and you will NEVER get what you desire thinking this way.

I had tricked myself into believing that when I saved enough money, then my dream car will be mine ( key reason why Mindset coaches need. mindset coaches). And I know that’s not true.

I teach my clients the exact opposite.

There is no possible way that you can manifest from a place of when I because that implies that it’s not already here.

That implies that I am not worthy or good enough right now.

That implies that there is a limited amount of abundance.

I believe that we are creators of our own reality and because of that there is UNLIMITED amounts of abundance available to me right NOW!

There is nothing more that I have to prove.

There is nothing more that I have to be to have what I want NOW!

And because I made that mindset switch..

because I already know that truck is mine, amazing things are happening FASTER than they have all year!!

When you stand in your power and make the decision that whatever it is you want is already yours, the universe will do its best to catch up with you! ✨✨✨

What is your “ Big Black Truck”?

What is your When I…. Then I ?

What are you going to do to make that mindset shift today?