How to see MongoDB HTTP interface from a vagrant virtual machine


When I found about an HTTP interface that mongo had (not an admin interface, but more like a php status page) I wanted to try it out.

As I am running my Mongo instance on a vagrant virtual machine so I started out by changing the Vagrantfile so that my host browser can see my virtual machine (IP is just an example): “private_network”, ip: “”

I then reloaded vagrant’s configurations for the virtual machine (caveat: this will REBOOT your virtual machine):

vagrant reload

When the virtual machine came back up I uncommented the following line in /etc/mongod.conf:

httpinterface = true
rest = true

I also had to change the binding to the “public” IP of my virtual machine (in this example by adding it to the following line:

bind_ip =,

Back to my hosts browser: voilà! :)

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