It is Human Nature to be Impatient

It is human nature to be a little impatient, or maybe very impatient.

It is human nature to want something so badly, that a minute seems like a day, and a day like a year.

Many of us have heard the phrase before that states, “patience is a virtue,” and indeed it is. But simultaneously while striving to be patiently virtuous we have not acknowledged the fact that it is human to also be a little impatient.

We have instead, turned it into a vice that is frowned upon and seen as being spiritually immature, greedy and arrogant.

It is not bad to want something, nor is it bad to be impatient about wanting it. For many of us who have been in trying circumstances, we know what it is like to have someone tell you “just be a little more patient” without understanding in the least what you are going through. Whether it is physical or mental pain, death of a loved one, financial loss, disappointment, etc.

No one wants to be told that exercising more patience is the only way to get out of your situation.

The harsh reality is though…exercising patience is one of the only ways you do!

I hate to tell you this and join the crowd who has said this to you time after time. But, patience mixed with time, hard work and direct goal setting are the keys to success.

Patience is the doorway between misfortune and fortune. It is the Knight in shining armor that will change your darkness to light. Exercising true patience is indeed a virtue that can be a valuable resource to have in this life.

However, I am also here to tell you that being impatient is natural. It is human nature to be hungry and expect that hunger to be fed immediately, it is human nature to be poor and expect money to solve your problems by the morning. Impatience is not a vice, it is just a part of being human.

So, the next time you think about being patient or impatient, just remember that you cannot have yin without yang. Balance is one of creation’s greatest rules, so I would like to think that its okay to be both.

Are you patient or impatient?

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One Love,

Dave Anthony

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