Get to Know Marcela Cruz

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Boston has it’s share of local artists and musicians who create a unique musical culture. Although, our city houses a plethora of talent, their efforts and reach is often overlooked. Local Artist Marcela Cruz is a force to be reckoned with.

After releasing her latest EP Here We Go Again in 2016, Cruz continues to make her mark across New England. With musical influences including Christina Aguilera and Lauryn Hill, her voice has a classic R&B sound with refreshing uptempos that you can’t help but nod your head to!

If you haven’t seen Marcela Cruz perform, she’ll be featured in a special edition of the BAMS Fest Prelude, Black Box Sounds, on June 9 at ArtsEmerson. In preparation for the show here are three things you didn’t know about Marcela!

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Her challenges as an artist

The list of challenges are endless, but never in my life have I heard that being an artist would be easy. As far as identity goes, it’s always tough to break those initial judgements people have when they hear you’re a female r&b/pop singer. People expect you to look and sound a certain way and if you don’t fit the prototype you’re quickly dismissed in their minds. Especially being from a city that’s not New York or Los Angeles, where most people believe you have to live in order to “make it,” it’s a tough grind making people pay attention.
I’ve learned the most this past year regarding the fact that being an upcoming artist also means you have to pay attention and be involved with the business aspect of the industry. As much as I wish I could just make music, there has to be a balance. With that comes all the more obvious struggles such as finances, legal matters, and of course time management.

Her top three favorite albums:

“Back to Basics” and “Stripped” by Christina Aguilera (we’re just gonna pretend that counts as one for now), “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill,” and “SEPT 5TH” by dvsn. Christina and Lauryn — along with Mariah — were artists that I just could not get enough of when I was younger. I was obsessed with their power, control, and their ability to make me feel so deeply at a young age. They really made me fall in love with music.
As I’ve grown older I’ve found it harder to find albums that I love so much and can listen to in its entirety without getting tired of it, but that happened last year when the dvsn album came out. I played it out over the summer and can still rock out to it without feeling like it’s overplayed. The vocals and the production give me LIFE and when I listen to it I have no choice but to give in to my feelings and that’s magic.
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How she stays motivated

There have definitely been times where I’ve questioned whether or not I’m up for this ride but it’s not hard for me to snap out of it. When you’re doing something you love there shouldn’t be any doubt about whether or not you’re going to fight for it, you just make it happen. I’ve found that if you focus more on the outcome you want and less on why you can’t get there, the quicker it’ll find you. In addition to my own, the courage and motivation really comes from the support and love around me too. I’m SO blessed to have a team that believes in this movement that there’s no way I could ever let them down.

Check out the video for “Stuck on You” by Marcela Cruz and visit her website for more music.

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Visit the BAMS Fest website for news, events and more! Purchase tickets to Black Box Sounds here. See you on June 9th!