Introducing “Emerging

A newsletter about startups & tech in the developing world

From enthusiasm around the “next billion” → Facebook’s controversial efforts to bring affordable ‘Internet’ to rural India → Fred Wilson’s recent post about the second smartphone revolution, it seems like there’s a lot of attention being paid to technology in the developing world these days.

And with good reason.

  1. Mobile technology is transforming the developing world in remarkable ways and at a remarkable speed. See, for example, M-pesa in Kenya & Aadhar in India.
  2. Companies focused on growing, but still relatively poor, parts of the world are proving their mettle. Premise, Jana, Jumia & of course my favorite — Inventure — to name a few.
  3. Virtually all macro indicators suggest acceleration in such transformation, including the continuing penetration of cheap smartphones & the growing importance of 440 emerging cities.

I’ve been following these trends pretty closely for the last few years. And I truly believe that Fred Wilson is right — the next big whitespace for VC is in the developing world. In fact, the “emerging global middle class” is a key theme for my investing via Inevitable Collective.

But, for myriad reasons, it can be hard to keep up with how fast things are changing. And for many who grew up worlds away from places like Nairobi, Lagos & Hyderabad, it’s a challenge to even catch up.

That’s why I reached out to Shivani and the good folks at Inventure (who understand the lives of people in developing markets as well as any one) about how to help interested folks stay up to date on the many exciting things happening with tech & startups in emerging markets. Something simple (since we’re all busy) & easy (since we have no idea if it’ll even be helpful). We came up with a weekly newsletter called Emerging that’ll go out every Sunday starting April 17th. For our first issue, we’ll be sending out something of a crash course/starter kit on emerging market tech.

We hope you join. And enjoy :)