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The Upside of Imperfection

What Gary Vaynerchuk taught me about starting.

Perfection is a fallacy.

It doesn’t actually exist. This makes the concept of perfect not only an unrealistic expectation, but it can become harmful for our mental wellness if we continue to impose it on ourselves and others.

If only one of your 15 ideas succeed, that’s still better than 99% of your friends who never start a single idea.

This told me to keep coming up new ideas that excite me. The time will pass anyway, I might as well try some of these ideas out while I’m still alive right?

Skills are cheap. Passion is priceless. Don’t chase money. If your only goal is money, you’re always going to want more and you’ll never be happy.

Every other business book told me the opposite, that being multi-passionate was a fatal flaw. Vaynerchuk calls bull shit and I needed to hear it. This gave me the courage to ignite an inner-fire that wildly set my passions ablaze into the world to ski what happens.

Forget yesterday, last week, last month; forget that girl, that time, that boss, that time… there’s work to do and passions to pursue. Let’s go!

This told me that anyone can learn a skill, but passion is RARE! It also helped me let things go. Some people get lost in their past stories, turning them into a scrips that they act out over and over again to anyone that will listen. This is called being stuck in victim consciousness, a term coined by Dr. Barry K. Weinhold. When something horrible happens to us, we have two options, we can process the emotions and then let it go, or we can play it over and over again on a loop feeling more and more sorry for ourselves while simultaneously annoying the living daylights of our family and friends.

Don’t let perfect get in the way of done.

  1. Are you a recovering perfectionist too?
  2. What scares you most about pursuing your dreams?



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