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The Upside of the Downside

The Main Objectives of this Publication Broken Down

In therapy, we’re taught that there are countless benefits from acknowledging feelings, no matter how negative they may be. Holding onto, and repressing any feelings can cause emotional turmoil and stress to the body and mind. Our options are essentially this:

  1. Feel all emotions and have a negative moment while it’s happening.
  2. Hide negative emotions and have an inexplicably negative life, toxic mind and anxiety-ridden existence.

The full- human experience is an emotional one.

That being said The Upside must also present, acknowledge, and validate the downside to become truly therapeutic, which is the main objective of this publication.

The Upside of the Downside is Perspective Gaining

When we only focus on the upside of things we are missing half of the picture!

Positivity is great! But blind optimism can be toxic when it’s so far removed from reality that it’s impossible to apply to our lives.

When we acknowledge the downside we’re bridging the gap between the positive and the negative and creating a more holistic brand of positivity underpinned with reality.

By showcasing the downsides as well, readers are presented with a much broader lens of the infinite perspective-shifting potential of every topic.

If you’re paying close attention, you’re probably stressed.

Existing in this day and age is mentally taxing in many ways. We are plagued by the endless unchangeable realities of injustice to people, our slowly dying planet, and our culture of hyper-productivity; which makes us believe we’re either prosperous or not working enough jobs, which is deeply misleading and problematic. Add the discombobulating changes of a global pandemic and we have ourselves a recipe for an unprecedentedly mental health crisis.

Healing this Mental health crisis is more of a process and way of thinking than it is a specific outcome. The Upside hopes to help facilitate that non-dualistic way of thinking, one that doesn’t label anything as strictly good or strictly bad, It just is.

Acknowledging the good in the bad, and the bad in the good is truly therapeutic and a great exercise to train a mentally healthy brain.

Pulling us further out of our mental turmoil is a key objective of The Upside publication.

The Downside as an Alarm Clock

A collective shift in consciousness is happening.

Woke culture gets made fun of a lot, however the shift in collective consciousness happening is irrefutable. More and more people are questioning the old models we’re still using, and seeing the potential for more equality and less corporate greed. People are tired of being the hardworking poor, and wondering about alternative ways of existing more and more!

Those that aren’t asking questions yet, will begin to see it as well.

Ideologies spread like epidemics, especially in this digital world. The changes that need to happen in our society are evident now. There are important elements that need to come together to help an idea reach critical mass, becoming viral and thus, unstoppable. We believe that thing is a shift in perspectives.

The Downside as the Social Dilemma Solution

The 2020 Netflix Documentary created by tech experts from Silicon Valley, revealed the dangerous impact of social networking, which Big Tech uses in an attempt to manipulate and influence. Social media is increasing ideological polarization by creating silos and echo chambers.

The algorithms of digital platforms have one objective: Keep you on for longer amounts of time.

Screen time data reveals that it’s been working like a charm as well. According to the American Health Measures Survey, on average, worldwide, the average person spends a total of 6 hours and 55 minutes looking at a screen each day (for internet-connected activities). What’s unsettling about this number is that the social dilemma reveals intense manipulation via fake news that helps increase the sensationalization of ideologies and further divide humanity at large.

What do you think the increase in screen time has done to our mental health?

What about our physical health and heart disease and obesity rates?

Whatever you’re picturing is probably right on the money. With this increased screen time and media influence we are getting more and more depressed as a society.

The Downside as a Reality Check

Here’s the truth:

We’re often being lied to.

There is no black and white thinking, but billions of shades of greys. It’s just less click-worthy for viewership, so the media does what they do best, it makes things more exciting. Anchor Man 2 does a great job revealing this reality in a comical way.

A small shift in perspective goes a very long way in promoting a sense of community with those who possess different points of views than our own.

The healthy brain considers different perspectives. Looking at the upside of negatively perceived things is highly encouraged by this publication.

The Downside as a Mental Exercise

Ultimately, we hope to encourage and activate a sense of ideological flexibility that will help improve our mental health and optimism about the world.

The challenge is simple: we must be brave enough to look at both sides of the fence and challenge the perspectives we’ve been force-fed with an agenda to keep us staring at screens.

There is most definitely an upside to most things, but there is also a downside to be acknowledged and from now on this publication will showcase both in every entry.

Now that you get the idea

We’d love to hear your perspective shifting ideas! Contact us to be featured on the Upside Publication. Details provided upon contact.

Stay vigilantly curious friends.

Thank you for sharing a startup publication.



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