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Why Thinking Negatively Doesn’t Make Someone The Worst

The Upside of Pessimism

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1. A tendency to stress the negative and worst that could happen.

2. The opposite of optimism.

The Upside 1: Pessimism as a Reminder Of Our Mortality

“We’re not making it out alive, death is upon us all”.

The Upside 2: Pessimism as a Foolproof Planning Tool

Let’s face it, blind optimism doesn’t make for good planning.

The Upside 3: Pessimism as a Bullshit Detector

My pessimistic counterparts didn’t last 10 years, a few didn’t even last 6 months before sniffing out the bullshit.

In Conclusion : A Message for the Pessimists

The world needs pessimists.

Selective pessimism can be a positive thing.



Everything has an upside. There is no good or bad, everything just is. Non-dualistic ways of thinking that allow space for multiple truths can only be made possible when we find the courage to reevaluate the stories we’ve been told about the world. Let’s shift our perspecrtives.

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